Another hoax

The news is out: [First President Trump denied knowing about it. Then he called it a possible “hoax.” Next, the White House attacked the news media. And now an unnamed intelligence official is to blame.
On Wednesday, Mr. Trump repeated his claim that he was “never briefed” about the intelligence, which his aides called unverified but which many U.S. intelligence officials deemed credible. Officials say it appeared in the president’s daily written intelligence briefing in late February. Writing on Twitter, Mr. Trump called stories about the bounties “a made up Fake News Media Hoax started to slander me & the Republican Party.”]

Within the last few days in the US, Trump called the coronavirus a hoax, 2.2 trillion were stolen by government officials, and now Russia paying a bounty on American soldiers is another hoax. Obviously, Trump doesn’t care about protecting the American people. And 43% of the country think Trump is doing a great job.

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