The news is out: [Nationwide, police officers have responded to recent uprisings against police brutality with force, attacking protestors with batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets. But even as viral videos have shown officers beating protestors senselessly one day, the next day there have been others that show officers taking a knee or giving an impassioned speech about standing united with protestors. This kind of cognitive dissonance continued during Pride Month, as New York’s police department politicized rainbow logos by putting them on cop cars in a seeming show of support for pride, before then showing up at the city’s Queer Liberation March with pepper spray and a brutal show of force.
But, over a month into this latest period of mass civil unrest, and one thing seems to be clear: The police that continue to brutalize protestors are also trying to appeal to them. As cities around the country entered the fifth straight week of demonstrations following the police killing of George Floyd, the Metro Nashville Police Department in Tennessee released a country music ballad of a “good cop” who is deeply emotional about Floyd’s killing.]

Like violating someone’s Constitutional rights, fabricating evidence, false reports, they can do it all.

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