Deadly pastor

The news is out: [Neighbors say a long-running dispute between two Las Vegas homeowners began as a complaint over nude hot-tubbing activities, the Las Vegas Sun reported.
Police say the neighborhood feud ended Thursday when Andrew Cote, 36, killed his 71-year-old neighbor and her friend with a shotgun, KVVU reported.
Cote’s young daughter was present when Cote shot neighbor Mildred Olivo and her friend Timothy Hanson over a brick divider between their back yards, KLAS reported. Cote told police he “noticed Hanson was still moving and shot him in the head a second time.”
Cote then called 911 to report he’d killed them with a shotgun, KSNV reported.
When police later asked Cote why he didn’t take his daughter inside and call 911 before resorting to gunfire, he told them “words to the effect of ‘not tonight,’” KLAS reported.
Cote also told police he opened fire because he “was in fear,” but no weapons were found on Olivo or Hanson, who had reportedly been shouting at Cote’s daughter, according to the station.
He is listed as the pastor of Iglesia Bautista De Fe Y Amor, an independent Baptist church in Las Vegas, on its website.]

Spreading the word in more ways than one.

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