Secrets of religion

As decisions were being made, many books were matter-of-factly excluded from the original bible; like one called Apocrypha by the Catholic church, and Pseudepigrapha by the Protestants. Thus, today’s believers, who never played with a full deck, have a partial bible to brag about. Reasons were given that many of the accounts described in the books were too outlandish in nature, like the Book of Tobit and Judith in the Apocrypha which cannot be relied on and have no plausible interpretations or benefits.

It didn’t help that Martin Luther questioned many doctrines and was pissed off at the Catholic church, enough to start his own sect. Something that was not afforded to Arius of Africa who was told to shut up or else. Once again, the racism of the Catholic church was out in the open for all to see. But not many noticed, and not many care, even now.

Thus, people, who are ardent believers, based their faith, really assumption, on a partial bible and don’t have a clue that what they carry under their armpits is only part of a bigger book they were judged incapable and too immature to understand… or too dumb to comprehend.

In 325AD, at the Council of Nicaea, the chosen books of the bible covered only the fake, made up selected fairytales stolen from African folklore, dubbed historical religious events by dimwits, starting presumably around 1AD, when the calendar was “reset” by the European religious powers.

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Atheism are threats to the national security of the US, and the security of the world. They are what they are, racist death cults, blood sects, financial Ponzi schemes; and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

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