They haven’t changed

The news is out: [MILWAUKEE (AP) — A dozen Milwaukee firefighters will be disciplined and the city Fire Department will conduct anti-harassment training following an investigation into a brown figurine found hanging in a fire station.
The department’s investigation found that a white male firefighter found the figurine shaped like a fetus on the street and brought it into the station out of “curiosity.” He then hung the figurine by its neck with a pink gift-wrapping ribbon on a bulletin board in the station’s kitchen. It was there for several days until the station’s only Black female firefighter reported it to administration.
Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing said Thursday that he believes the firefighter did not act with racist or sexist intent, or target an individual member or group.
But he added: “Stupidity is not a defense.”
The department has read the disciplinary charges to the firefighter responsible but is not making those charges public until the investigation is closed, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Eleven additional members — including those with ranks of deputy chief, battalion chief, captain and lieutenant — will receive letters of reprimand, which will negatively affect their pay and chances of promotion.
Fire Station 2, located downtown, houses predominantly white firefighters.
“We had people come in and out of that station, officers whose job it is to make sure the engine house is a safe place where everybody in that house is treated with dignity and respect. That didn’t happen,” Rohlfing said. “That’s what bothers us most.”
The Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters, which represents African American firefighters, said the department needs to do better, WITI-TV reported.]

Never forget that firefighters trained their water cannons on the civil right leaders and innocent negroes.

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