Leopold the butcher

I was shocked to read an article where Philippe, the great-great-great nephew of king Leopold II of Belgium, offered his deepest regrets to the Congo. SMH, I opened my book “World’s super predators” to educate him.

[King Leopold II of Belgium, aka Leopold Lodewijk Filips Maria Victor, had a well known attraction to teenaged girls; and, at 65 years old, he began a liaison with a teenaged former prostitute who bore him two additional children. He is, without any doubt or challenge, a runner-up on the list of the world’s worst criminals. This maggot left a legacy of murder in the Congo that will never be equaled. Local Congolese chiefs were duped by his accomplices and employee Henry Morton Stanley into signing their lands away to him.

His body count stands at 60 million Congolese victims, with all the atrocities previously known only to the French. There were many mutilations, according to the BBC/UK. The hands of men, women and children were chopped off and kept as trophies. Many historical accounts detailed how he lined up negroes to see how many of them his bullets could rip through. He stated that he did all that “to open the heart of Africa to Christian missionaries and western capitalists.” He became very rich by stealing the wild rubber and butchering the people of the Congo. (Excerpt from World’s super predators” @ Amazon.com/books]

The economy of Belgium is still running on the sweat, tears, blood and lives of the negroes of the Congo.

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