Coming biblical attractions

Soon enough, I will start posting from “The lost books of the Tasty Griot” Many books and stories, parts of the original bible, were removed in 325AD, at the Council of Nicaea.

How many people know:

  • Adam and Eve were evicted from the garden of Eden, five and half hours after they were invented.
  • Adam and Eve ate their first meal, 83 days after “creation.”
  • Adam 1st day of work came 84 days after expulsion from the biblical garden of Eden.
  • Adam and Eve waited 30 years, and five and half hours to have sex.
  • Cain killed Abel because of Adam’s choice for a mate for him.
  • First wrestling fight between Cain and Abel came when Cain was fifteen and half years old and Abel was twelve and half.
  • First biblical murder on Earth happened when Cain, at seventeen and half years old, killed his brother Abel who was fifteen and half.

This timeline has been removed from the original bible, and everyone can see why. If a serious and intelligent editor took a correcting pen to the bible, it wouldn’t be long before it became the shortest book in the world. Something that would be amazingly beneficial to the world, because this new bible would only have the covers and no page within.

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