My beef with Atheism

Many atheist lectures portray Islam in all its murderous deeds, yet classify Christianity only as a mere delusion, without mentioning the ongoing crimes against humanity. Islam is perceived as a violent cult (which it is), so should Christianity which uses the western militaries to bomb the same Muslims.

Nothing concrete will be said by atheists, about the inherent deadly propensity of Christianity to butcher unbelievers, as ordained by their God. The same is done by Islam. One of the recurring condemnations of Islam rests in the 109 verses of the Noble Quran, ordering the death of infidels; Christianity has the same order to kill people who don’t worship the Christian God. Anyone found working on the Sabbath, and even an old man gathering sticks on a Saturday should be killed. It is hypocritical to slam Islam and not Christianity when both are doing the same thing.

Meanwhile, not much will be said by Atheism about Judaism because discretion, reservation, caution, prudence, are recommended to “avoid a rush to judgment.” While past murderous Islamic sponsored acts in London and Paris warrant non-stop reviews, debates, coverage and condemnation in the western news, not one word will be heard about Judaism (Zionism) influence In Israhell, dropping 100 tons of white phosphorus bombs on the Palestinian children getting out of school in downtown Gaza. No atheist remembers the bombing of the Mubaret Phillistine care home for Orphans and Handicapped in Beit Lahija district, in 2014; or the murder of Suha and Ola Wishah, two handicapped women. No atheist remembers the Gaza massacre, Operation Cast Lead from December 27th 2008 to January 18th 2009, with 1,417 Palestinians murdered in cold blood, 5,303 wounded, and 50,800 displaced.

No atheist remembers the names: Genrikh Yagoda, Yigal Amir and Yezhov. Atheists are also quick to forget and forgive the “anti-Semitic” expression of Yair Netanyahu which was shared by the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

The hypocrisy becomes even more explicit when the Zionist past is relegated to perpetual darkness, perpetual blackout, perpetual lies. Records kept by the Germans prove they exterminated 1.5 to 2 million Soviets and Russians, some of Jewish persuasion. The victims, according to one survivor of four different concentration camps, were of some thirty nationalities. Included among the dead were Blacks, dubbed the Rhine bastards. So why is it being made into a “Jewish” holocaust?

It is laughable when Judaism parades a Red Sea pedestrian as a bona fide holocaust victim, when every single black man, woman and child is a real and true holocaust victim. No atheist seems to remember 66 million people were murdered by the Bolshevik Jews in Russia, and another 10 million butchered in Holodomor; 80 million negroes were slaughtered in the Congo by king Leopold II of Belgium. And Hitler is the bad guy?

And absolutely no atheist has ever heard of the Fink’s bar diatribe of 1990 from Benzion Mileikowski, the butcher of the West Bank.

Atheism is a racist financial farm, under construction. Atheist sites are now begging for donations to fund their cause, just the same as other churches and religion. They have applied for a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) and received tax-exempt status.

There is more to fighting religion than standing in fuzzy pink bunny slippers, sipping tea; there is more to fighting religion than being nice to people who worship murderers, genocidal creeps and maniacs. Atheism has failed the world for not coming out more forcefully and defending the children , the future generations, from the immediate harm of religion. If more whites than negroes were being butchered, atheism would have taken a better, quicker, stronger stand against religion. Asinus asinum fricat. (Excerpt from “Dysfunctional humans” @

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