Nothing has changed

The news is out: [Viral video of a cop kneeling on a man’s neck during an arrest prompted police in upstate Schenectady to probe the incident.
The footage, filmed by the father of the man being arrested Monday morning, sparked a protest outside the city’s police headquarters and led to calls for the officer to be fired.
“What he’s done to you?” Jaindra Gaindarpersaud shouts at the cop as his son, 31-year-old Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud, is pinned to the ground, according to the clip.
Cops charged the younger Gaindarpersaud with resisting arrest and criminal mischief after responding to a complaint about someone slashing the tires of a neighbor’s vehicle.
“He just jumped on me, grabbed on me, throw me to the concrete… smashed my head down, take his knee smash it on my neck,” Gaindarpersaud told protesters during a demonstration hosted Monday evening by area activist group All of Us. “I was blacked out when they throw me in the car.”]

Not the first, won’t be the last.

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