Too stupid to learn

The news is out: [A California law enforcement officer is under internal investigation after allegedly sharing a “vulgar image” of George Floyd, the Black man whose death on Memorial Day sparked worldwide protests against racial inequality and police brutality.
While the San Diego County Sheriff Department declined to provide a description of the image to USA TODAY, the local NAACP branch described it as an “altered photograph” of a “naked black male porn star kneeling on Mr. Floyd” with the words “Quit resisting.”
“The image was lewd and racist and vile and should disturb anyone with a shred of human decency. It is simply unacceptable in a law enforcement officer,” NAACP San Diego President Francine Maxwell said in a statement issued Monday.
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Ricardo Lopez would not confirm the officer’s name to USA TODAY but said the employee in question was assigned to administrative duty after the department learned of the incident on June 18.]

His name is Mark Ritchie; he is enjoying administrative duty which is police jargon for paid vacation.

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