There must be a way

The news is out: [Three people were arrested Sunday after protestors were met with police and dogs after a woman drove through people marching in the street.
Kurt Erickson is one of those three people arrested and tells FOX61 that he was also the one that was tased by police.
Erickson is now being represented by an attorney and State Senator Dennis Bradley says who says he wants answers.
In an interview, Erickson said, “It’s sad, it’s scary–I don’t know who to call. We can’t call nobody right now if we have a problem.”
Erickson, sitting with his wife, shows FOX61 his injuries after being arrested.
He has bruised knees and you can still see the marks from being hit with a taser. Erickson also showed FOX61 paperwork saying he has a fracture to his spine from his hospital discharge paperwork dating back to Sunday’s arrest.
“I’m on the ground and I’m sitting there, he (the arresting officer) is sitting there saying derogatory things to me, using mace on me point blank and he already had three or four other cops on me,” Erickson said. “They ended up tasing me, using mace on me, even fracturing my spine and all we wanted was justice.”
State Senator Bradley says the officer who arrested knew Erickson and claims the officer whispered racial slurs while arresting him.
Bradley said, “The police department themselves came with canines to this peaceful protest something which is a throwback to the 1950,1960s Civil Rights Movement. Utterly unnecessary.”]

One way or another, this blatant racism must stop.

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