God hates negroes

The news is out: [A Catholic bishop in Spokane responded to a video by Catholic Charities leader, saying the Black Lives Matter organization conflicts with the church’s teachings.
The Rev. Thomas Daly addressed the video by Rob McCann, CEO and president of Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington.
McCann said on a video posted on June 19: “My Catholic church and my Catholic Charities organization is racist. How could they not be? Our Catholic faith tradition was built on the premise that a baby born in a manger in the Middle East was a white baby. So how can we be surprised to know that we are a church that must fight against racism, even now?”
Black Lives Matter is in conflict with Church teaching regarding marriage, family and the sanctity of life,” Daly wrote. “Moreover, it is disturbing that BLM has not vocally condemned the recent violence that has torn apart so many cities. Its silence has not gone unheard. One need not stand with BLM to stand for Black lives.”
“McCann’s blunt presentation was interpreted by many as levying false accusations against ‘whites’ and the Catholic Church,” Daly said.
Daly also said the changes being implemented at the church would include: the Annual Catholic Charities Christmas Collection being replaced or also taking place with Black and Indian Missions Collection, asking Catholic Charities to sponsor speakers to address race, and having Catholic Charities addressing abortion and its effects on the Black community.
McClatchy News reached out to leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday, but did not receive a response.]

BLM has no choice but to be in conflict with the Church teaching regarding marriage, family and the sanctity of life. Christian marriage: rape your way in, stone your way out. Christian family values: you must get your sister-in-law pregnant, rape babies and children, and sell your daughter into slavery. Christian sanctity of life: kill all the babies born to nuns who get pregnant during the white to black veil ceremony.

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