Trump is a desperate man

The news is out: [President Donald Trump plans to put pressure on schools to reopen for in-person instruction in the fall, a decision that some of the biggest teacher and parent groups say isn’t the president’s call to make.
On Tuesday, six groups representing educators and parents, including the two largest teachers’ unions and the National Parent Teacher Association, issued a joint statement criticizing Trump’s push to reopen. Instead of the president “brazenly making these decisions,” the groups said health experts should figure out when schools can safely reopen during the pandemic.
“[The administration has] failed to listen to families and public school educators who have been on the front lines serving their communities,” the groups said. “This vacuum of leadership leaves this administration with zero credibility in the minds of educators and parents when it comes to this major decision.”
Trump, during a Tuesday forum at the White House, said the administration was going to pressure governors and other officials to “open the schools” in a “very important” move for the country and the well-being of students and parents. The administration will be putting on “a lot of pressure,” he said.]

Anything is good for Trump to use as a distraction to the fact that he is not doing his job, and doesn’t know what the hell he needs to do. Congratulations to the morons who selected this blooming idiot as a leader. There is a reason why the village idiot should be limited to telling jokes and entertain.

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