Around the mountain

The news is out: [Coronavirus deaths are rising in hard-hit states and starting to tick back up nationally, a sign that mounting outbreaks are taking a serious toll.
Arizona, California, Texas and Florida all set record numbers of daily deaths in recent days. According to an analysis from the Harvard Global Health Institute, daily deaths over the past two weeks from the coronavirus are up 79 percent in Arizona, 37 percent in Florida and 52 percent in Texas.
The mounting deaths undercut President Trump’s effort to downplay the explosion of new cases by pointing to the death rate. Earlier this week, Trump had pointed to falling death counts to push back at criticism over his response to the crisis, giving the rising case numbers.]

Oh, it’s coming, sweetheart! I predicted that August 2020 would be a defining date for deaths from the coronavirus in the USA. I also predicted, at the very onset of the pandemic, that the US would be fertile ground for the coronavirus because of the arrogance and stupidity of Americans.

The entire Trump administration should be indicted on medical crimes against humanity.

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