Church of Karen

The news is out: [In a now-viral video posted earlier this week, church volunteers were seen hanging up a “no trespassing” sign after seeing a Black woman sit on the church lawn.
On July 7, Alex Marshall-Brown, a Los Angeles-based actor and stunt performer, chose a peaceful spot on the grass outside St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church in North Hollywood to work on her laptop. But about ten minutes later, two security employees confronted her, telling her that they’d received a complaint about her being there and warned her that the next step would be calling the cops.
After Marshall-Brown politely declined leaving, she saw a woman staring at her through the window of a building also owned by the church. Another woman came outside and checked on the locks, which made Marshall-Brown feel very uncomfortable, according to BuzzFeed News.
Two men affiliated with the church then started nailing a “no trespassing” sign to the tree next to where Marshall-Brown was sitting. She started recording the conversation, which showed one of the men explaining to her that they’ve had “issues” with trespassers and vandals in the past. He said the church has called the police before, but the police were unable to do anything because of a lack of signage. Marshall-Brown asked if she posed a threat to the church.
His response? “We have to treat everybody the same — all lives matter.”
“I said nothing about any lives, sir,” Marshall-Brown said.
About four minutes into the recording, Marshall-Brown saw that a woman showed up, also recording. The woman, who seemed to be affiliated with the church, told Marshall-Brown that she felt like her life was being threatened because Marshall-Brown was “arguing” with her.]

Negroes don’t get it and will still bring money to churches.

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