Off duty robbery

The news is out: [A Baltimore City Police Sergeant is accused of shaking down a patio contractor for a refund. His name is James Lloyd, 45. The incident happened June 25, according to county police in a Baltimore Sun report.
Lloyd alleged met the victim in May, who sorted out a price quote of $7,000 to build the defendant a patio. But they allegedly had issues. Lloyd said his significant other (a wife or girlfriend) wanted the patio to be larger; he said that patio stones had spread apart. The victim asked for another $1,400.
That wouldn’t happen, police said. The victim arrived at the residence. Lloyd demanded his driver’s license. The contractor asked why. Lloyd showed him his police badge, and told him his license was suspended. The defendant allegedly threatened to have him arrested and vehicle towed.
According to police, three other officers arrived at the scene, two of whom had their badges and guns out.
The contractor said he was afraid because of the arrest threat, the badges, the guns, and the “aggressive tone of the conversation,” county police said. Lloyd drove him to a bank, and made him take out a $3,500 cashier’s check; meanwhile, the defendant was holding on to the contractor’s driver’s license.
According to this account, the contractor said he didn’t want any problems; the defendant allegedly said, “Problem would be if I take you into the woods.”]

Like I always say: a good cop is one who hasn’t been caught yet.

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