Thank you, teachers

The news is out: [More than 25,000 teachers, students and parents want to continue distance learning this fall until U.S. coronavirus cases — 3 million and counting — subside for 14 days in their respective counties, according to a new petition that claims in-person school would lead to a health care disaster.
The proposal was written by Harley Litzelman, a history and economics teacher at Skyline High School in Oakland. Alameda County, where Oakland is located, has more than 7,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to Friday data. According to Litzelman, resuming in-person classes would “glorify the endless sacrifice of American teaching,” as he explained in a June 30 article on the website Medium calling for support of the petition, which uses the hashtag #14daysnonewcases.
“We refuse to return to campus this fall until our counties report no new cases of COVID-19 for at least 14 consecutive days,” reads the petition. “Let it be known that this is not simply a petition, but a statement of intent, a pledge not to return until it is safe.”
Many teachers showed their support for Litzelman’s pledge on the online petition.
“I do not want to risk my life or the lives of everyone I know, including the 28 young people I’m supposed to teach,” one wrote.
“[I’m] in a building with 2200 students and staff, can’t open any windows, and the air is recirculated around the building. I can’t even find Lysol cleaner right now…How can this be safe?” another added.
“With 32-36 students in a classroom, there is no way to social distance. Any other plans to separate students are moot if classrooms are still packed,” one commented.]

Teachers, like nurses, care. The problem rests with the dumb elected officials.

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