Another crooked doctor

The news is out: [A California doctor has been charged after it was found that vulnerable drug addicts were being paid hundreds of dollars in cash to receive an experimental procedure, after which several died of overdoses.
Dr. Randy Rosen is facing 88 felony charges from the Los Angeles Orange County district attorney, who called him “a real life” Frankenstein. Prosecutors have accused him of fraudulently billing insurance companies over $650 million and stealing almost $52 million in what they call an elaborate scheme.
A 2018 CBS News investigation found medical industry insiders claiming that doctors made up to $30,000 conducting a simple, 30-minute outpatient procedure implanting a small pellet.
The pellet, a naltrexone implant, was inserted near a patient’s abdomen and released medication to help curb cravings and blocked the brain’s opiate receptors. The result was that heroin users conceivably would not feel its effects.
As part of the investigation, CBS News spoke undercover with some marketers and recruiters, who pointed them to Rosen.]

In concert with Big Pharma, a legion of doctors are profiting from criminal activities, and in the process, butchering millions of patients.

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