Floriduh, the COVID state

The news is out: [FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — COVID-19 cases pushed past a quarter-million Saturday, as Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a defense of the state’s decision to return schools to in-person classes next month.
“We know there are huge, huge costs for not providing the availability for in-person schooling for our students,” he said at a news conference Saturday in Bradenton, on a day that saw 10,360 more cases and 98 additional deaths, the third straight day with at least 90 fatalities from the disease. “The risk of corona, fortunately for students, is incredibly low.”
“People say, well, kids may be the vectors in the community because that’s what happens in an influenza outbreak, but it’s been found over and over again, as people have looked at this and studied this, particularly in Europe, that the school children actually aren’t vectors for this,” he said.
“For whatever reason, they usually get infected by the parents. They usually aren’t infecting adults. Places that have had schools open have not seen the schools contribute to increasing the prevalence of the virus.”]

I am not afraid of the coronavirus, it’s the morons floating around this country who scare the hell out of me.

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