Not on my watch

The news is out: [Inside Arcadia Children’s Daycare in the Bronx, New York, bright rubber circles have been placed on the floor to teach toddlers about social distancing. Doorknobs, sinks and surfaces have been thoroughly disinfected. Items that may be more likely to transmit the coronavirus, such as dress-up clothes and puppets, have been stashed away in storage.
Arcadia is one of approximately 3,000 city-regulated child care programs across New York City that have been shuttered for more than three months due to the pandemic. Last Tuesday, New York City’s Board of Health voted to allow day care centers to reopen as of this Monday, making the city among the last places in the country to permit child care for young children to resume.
For some parents, the news that day cares can operate again couldn’t come soon enough. But for others, sending their child back now feels too risky, too costly or too complicated. As a result, day cares are scrambling to open their doors with expensive new health protocols, while contending with the possibility of having fewer parents pay tuition.
The regulations they face vary by state. In New York, day care facilities must have no more than 15 children per room; staff members must wear masks; daily health screenings must be performed; and there must be frequent cleaning and disinfection of toys and the facility, among other requirements.]

I don’t know the personal situations of the parents who can’t wait to dump their kids in day care facilities; but, I do know they are the ones who will post their grief online when something bad happens. Don’t use the children as guinea pigs so satisfy your stupid ego and ignorance.

Nothing is more precious to me than my children and grandchildren who will NEVER be a burden on me. My primary job is to protect them against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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