Jesus doesn’t save anymore

The news is out: [Pastors at the Westmore Church of God thought they’d done everything right when they opened back up for in-person worship.
The Cleveland, Tennessee-based church reopened on May 31 and held services for weeks without a hitch. Congregants maintained social distance, temperatures were checked, and church leaders even designated separate are as for members at high-risk of severe coronavirus infection.
But on June 22, the church’s luck ran out.
That day, Westmore hosted a regional worship service for the Tennessee Church of God state office, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The three-hour event involved several hundred people.
Over the next few days, Kevin Page, the lead pastor, announced that at least a dozen of his congregants — including himself and his mother-in-law — had tested positive for COVID-19.
Two weeks later, Page went on radio station 104.1 WCLE. His message: He wished he’d pushed harder for all churchgoers to wear masks.]

What can be more religious than killing people after taking 10% of their income? God must be somewhere, banging his holy head on a celestial wall, crying, wondering how he created so many idiots.

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