Another murderer

The news is out: [A 23-year-old former Sheriff’s Deputy in San Diego, California is charged with second-degree murder after shooting and killing a 36-year-old man who escaped from a State Park Officer’s car outside of a jail. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office said the victim, Nicholas Bils, was unarmed and running away from officers on May 1 when he was killed.
The former officer charged, Aaron Russell, is due to be arraigned Tuesday morning. If convicted, Russell could face 15 years in prison, the DA’s office said.
“We reached the decision to file criminal charges following a thorough review of all the objective facts and evidence in this case by specialized prosecutors and investigators in our Special Operations Division,” said San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan. “When a life is taken, we must make decisions based in facts and law, and not ones that are influenced by the status of the accused as a peace officer nor the status of the victim. These decisions must be made solely in the interest of justice and not based on favoritism nor public opinion. Every person must be accountable under the law.”]

Once again, the victim was unarmed and running away from the armed public servants. A jackbooted neo-Nazi confederate skinhead terrorist supremacist Neanderthal, who shoots someone in the back is a coward.

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