Self-isolation: 5 months

“Time flies when you are having fun,” so goes the idiom. I can’t believe it’s been 5 months already since my family started to self-isolate, because of the COVID-19.

The family is doing great, and everyone found a niche to excel in. The kids have their strict daily schedule for home schooling and meals. They also have plenty of play time to relax, be creative, and have adjusted well to the requirements dictated by the pandemic. There are lots of projects to delight in; from Tik Tok for the teenager, to observing nature and planting, cooking, to designing our own games. The fun never stops.

Dad reports to his essential job. Upon returning home, he changes in the garage, tosses his work clothes in a designated hamper and showers before any contact with the rest of the family. He gets to purchase and pick up any extra stuff that we need.

Mom works from home and gets to mingle with us, during her breaks. She is the supervisor who accepts and disinfects any packages which are delivered to the house. She is presently busy repainting the bedrooms and baths, late at night, to “change the décor.”

I, papa, am the entertainment director and have the most fun in the house. The majority of the day is spent with my grandchildren. And yes, I am finally proud to be able to name many nursery rhymes characters, like Ms Appleberry, JJ, Tom-Tom, Yoyo, Cece, Nina, Bella, Nico, Cody. I am an expert on anything from “Bounce Patrol”, “Cocomelon”, to “Little Baby Bum.” I probably should receive royalties for introducing the kids to Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Tweety, Road Runner, Heckle and Jeckle, Woody Woodpecker, Tom and Jerry, and Droopy dog.

Our food pantry held up pretty good. We still have 2 freezers full of organic meat and veggies; however we hit the bottom of our grain stash. Not to worry, the harvest is ready.

And, how were your last 5 months?

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