Another Bayou terrorist

The news is out: [JEFFERSON PARISH, La. — When Tiffany McGee picked up her phone one Friday night in March, she received news no mother is prepared to hear. Her 14-year-old son, Tre’mall, had been shot and was at the hospital.
Speeding across the bridge toward the east bank of Jefferson Parish, a New Orleans suburb, McGee prayed that her son was still breathing. When she arrived at the hospital, a doctor assured her Tre’mall was alive.
A detective was also there. He told her she could not see her son that night but said little else, McGee recalled.
She left the hospital thinking Tre’mall had been a victim of street violence. Only later that night, by accident, did she find out that the bullet that had cut through her son’s shoulder and left arm had been fired by a deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.
“No one said anything,” McGee said. “No one spoke up to say an officer shot my child.”]

Defund the murderers. No taxpayers’ money should go to support criminals.

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