Arizona best

The news is out: [An Arizona woman is accusing a police officer of misconduct after he allegedly slammed her to the ground and shoved her against a car during a January arrest, leaving her with injuries.
Mariah Valenzuela, 23, was stopped by Phoenix police officer Michael McGillis just before midnight on Jan. 16 for allegedly driving on the wrong side of a city street, according to a police report.
Police body-camera video obtained by NBC News shows her pulling over in a parking lot and getting out of her car as McGillis approaches. The video was also obtained by NBC affiliate KPNX in Phoenix
The videos obtained by NBC News, which have not been publicly released by police, appear to be the complete footage of the arrest.
The officer asks for Valenzuela’s license, and she says she doesn’t have it on her, the body-cam video shows.
“Do you have any ID on you?” the officer asks, one of his repeated requests for her ID.
Valenzuela turns toward her car, then asks McGillis why she was pulled over, the video shows. McGillis does not appear to respond.
The officer then attempts to arrest Valenzuela and yells for her to put her hands behind her back.
Valenzuela starts screaming and repeatedly asks why she is being arrested as the officer takes her to the ground, according to the video.
“What did I do? … What did you tackle me? You tackled me for no reason,” she says.
McGillis picks Valenzuela up off the ground and then appears to shove her against her car. “Why don’t you act like a young lady?” he says.
Valenzuela accuses the officer of manhandling her. “You act like I’m a f—ing threat. You serious?” she says before the officer leads her to the back of a police vehicle.
Video showed that Valenzuela had a bruise on the top of her head that was bleeding as well as injuries to her hand and face.]

Take an average goon off the street, give him/her a gun and a badge; and that’s the result you will always get every single time.

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