American idiot

The news is out: [A viral video shows a Colorado woman calling staff “Nazis” after she was asked to leave a liquor store for refusing to comply with its mask policy during the coronavirus pandemic.
Ruby Musso filmed the viral video, which shows her arguing with staff after she refused to wear a face mask, asserting that they are breaking the law by asking her to wear a covering.
“I was harassed and assaulted, then thrown out of Molly’s Spirits in Lakeside, Colorado for not wearing a mask,” she wrote in her caption of the video online. “A customer ran her cart into me, workers and managers shoved me and put their hands in my face. Lakeside cops did nothing. I asked cops to get her, so I could press charges and they refused.”
In the video, multiple employees ask Musso to leave as she asserts they don’t know the law. Other customers wearing masks are seen arguing with her and in the background someone can be heard calling her “Karen.”
“You are not going to treat me like this and get away with it,” she says toward the end of the video. “I did nothing! I did nothing! I did nothing but not wear a mask, and look at all these Nazis in Nazi America. Nazi America! Oh my God, I love it!”]

The one common denominator among these losers is their utter ignorance.

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