Floriduh stupid

The news is out: [Florida’s record-setting spike in COVID-19 cases hasn’t stopped visitors from partying in Miami Beach, which its mayor, Dan Gelber, calls “the epicenter of the epicenter.”
While the fact that Miami is a tourist hot spot is typically a positive, it’s exactly the opposite at a time when the city has more than 69,000 cases, the most of any Florida county and more than twice as much as neighboring Broward, the next on the list, according to USA TODAY data.
Florida has recorded more than 77,000 cases in the past week alone and over 300,000 in all. The state ā€“ all on its own ā€“ has more infections than the United Kingdom or Spain, reports The Tallahassee Democrat, part of the USA TODAY Network.
Still, crowds continue to gather on Ocean Drive and on party boats, often promoted on Eventbrite, according to Gelber.
Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, a resident of Miami Beach and a former commissioner of Miami Beach, told USA TODAY that she was on South Beach’s iconic Ocean Drive on Monday night as the area started to fill with revelers.
“We have this huge party every single night on Ocean Drive,” she said, adding that the party has gone on nightly for years, though it originally began as a holiday weekend tradition. There are “throngs of people in the streets with open containers, nobody is wearing masks, no one is social distancing, no police presence and it presents a real danger.”
She said that most attendees are tourists from across the country and noted she spoke to some from New York City and Chicago.]

There should be a massive research done to find out why there are so many idiots in Floriduh.

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