Now, that’s stupid

The news is out: [MINEOLA, TEXAS (AP) — Another lingering relic of the Jim Crow era was being ripped from the ground this week in a small East Texas town.
Municipal crews were digging up a fence between two adjacent but separate historically Black and historically white cemeteries in Mineola, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) east of Dallas.
The removal project began with a Wednesday morning ceremony and is expected to take four days, said David Collett, president of Cedars Memorial Garden, the cemetery historically reserved for the graves of white people.
“It was a very emotional moment,” he said.
Pastor Demetrius Boyd of the predominantly Black St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Mineola said that although removing the fence was the Black community’s desire for decades, he began working toward it since arriving in 2007.
Boyd said he persuaded the Cedars board to allow an easement from its U.S. 69 front gate to the City Cemetery, which had been accessed only from an obscure entrance from a back road.]

A FN segregated cemetery where the negroes stayed in their own ghetto. Heaven is the same. Racism is like a dead skunk rotting near the cesspool of a pulpwood mill, at high noon. The foul smell cannot be ignored.

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