Trump is perfect

The news is out: [Appearing online and occasionally on television since January — a slow drip at first, an open faucet now — Lincoln Project ads bear titles like “Betrayed,” “Unfit,” “Dystopia,” “Distracted,” “Mumbling” and “Trump Is Not Well.” A few are funny, some are folksy and most are blunt — as in “a blunt instrument” — and can afford to play rougher than what comes straight out of the Biden campaign, where the text runs along the lines of “It’s the values we pass around the kitchen table we remember all our lives” and “To heal this kind of suffering doesn’t take force, it takes empathy and understanding.” The Lincoln Project is fine with replaying the president’s West Point ramp descent. (It also has produced a Biden spot, “Ready,” that promotes him as “a bipartisan leader who puts good ideas ahead of party politics.”)
This kind of surrogacy is a familiar campaign tool, but rarely across party lines. Given that the president has been belittled and ridiculed and just held up to the light for years on late-night television (and every minute of the day on social media), what makes the Lincoln Project’s ads different is that they come from self-identified Republicans, distancing themselves from Trump and Trumpism if not necessarily from the party (though some have given it up as permanently lost).]

Trump is what the US needs and deserves. He is a compulsive liar, and that, my friends, is the main appeal to the people. Long before 1776, would-be who became Americans have been fooling the entire world and still do.

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