American business

The news is out: [A Northern California restaurant is accused of asking customers to remove their masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to multiple reports.
Apple Bistro in Placerville has reportedly displayed a sign discouraging mask-wearing by customers dining inside, which has prompted complaints from those eating at the restaurant. The warning outside the establishment reads: “No social conditioning. No oxygen deprivation mask. No latex dirty germ spreader,” followed by “This may not be for you.”
“I was just asked to leave this café when I went in to grab an apple pie,” one woman wrote on social media, according to Los Angeles’s KABC-TV. “Why? Because I was wearing a mask. We stop almost every time we come up to the cabin. We will never stop there again.”]

Why would someone go to a restaurant, in the first place, during a pandemic? Luckily, being stupid is not illegal. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why the coronavirus will settle permanently in the US, land of the tremendous idiots.

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