American traitor

The news is out: [Chad F. Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, said at a news conference on Tuesday that he had tried to collaborate with Mayor Wheeler and Gov. Kate Brown, asking them this month whether they were overwhelmed and wanted resources, including personnel.
He said that when he asked what they needed to “bring the violence to a close and still allow the peaceful protesters to protest each and every night,” they told him to stay out of the city.
“I asked the mayor and governor, How long do you plan on having this continue?” Mr. Wolf said. “Is it 82 nights or 92 nights?”]

Chad Wolf should be arrested for violation of his oath and crimes against humanity. On the city side, Mayor Wheeler and Gov. Kate Brown also violated their oath of office and the Constitution. Americans elect a bunch of morons to office, then many lose their minds when the officials say something stupid. The US is a country where the most stupid among us is guaranteed a platform to disseminate their ignorance.

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