The other Floriduh moron

The news is out: [For once, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) probably doesn’t want anyone paying attention to him.
Gaetz, a vocal conservative and supporter of President Trump, appears to have violated House ethics rules with spending throughout his four years in office, a Politico investigation has found. That includes installing a TV studio in his father’s home and hiring a speechwriter who’d been ousted from the Trump administration, Gaetz’s office confirmed.
Over the past year, Gaetz spent $28,000 in taxpayer money to an LLC company connected to Darren Beattie, a former White House aide who lost his job after appearing at a convention where white nationalists are known to speak, Gaetz’s office told Politico. Gaetz announced his hiring of Beattie as a special adviser for speechwriting in April 2019, but never added him to an official payroll. Individual House members are barred from spending taxpayer money on the outside hiring of speechwriters, consultants, and communications advisers.
Gaetz’s office also acknowledged taxpayer money is used to rent a TV camera the congressmember keeps in his father’s home and uses for TV appearances. A private company built him a studio as well, and takes a fee every time he appears on the air, Gaetz’s office told Politico. Gaetz’s office said the congressmember isn’t involved in the rental costs, which don’t appear on his official spending records, per Politico.]

Ladies and gentlemen, your votes at work. Please keep electing these imbeciles, but don’t complain about taxes. The $28,000 will have to come from somewhere.

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