The officer is no gentleman

The news is out: [A Naval Academy midshipman accused of breaking into female classmates’ bedrooms, assaulting them while they were asleep and then convincing them to lying about it was found guilty on almost all counts Wednesday.
Midshipman Third Class Nixon Keago was found guilty Wednesday of two counts of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, burglary and obstruction of justice stemming from three attacks in 2018 and 2019, the Capital Gazette reported.
“He took advantage of vulnerabilities when he took control over them while they were asleep,” Lt. Cmdr. Paul LaPlante said during closing arguments.
Keago, 24, accosted the first female midshipman, who was drunk and asleep in her bed, in February 2018, then another in October 2018. In May 2019, he tried with a third.
Prosecutors also said Keago manipulated the women into covering for him.
Lt. Dan Phipps, one of Keago’s attorneys, argued that rumors had swirled around the campus and damaged his reputation long before the trial.]

They are everywhere, looking for victims.

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