Trump’s goons

The news is out: [LONDON (AP) — Allegations that President Donald Trump’s envoy to Britain made inappropriate remarks about women and minorities and may have violated federal ethics rules are roiling the U.S. Embassy in London.
Current and former U.S. officials say the charges against U.S. Ambassador to the Court of Saint James’s Robert “Woody” Johnson surfaced during a routine inspection of operations at the embassy and are to be addressed in a report by the State Department’s inspector general.
Those officials say Johnson is accused of making insensitive remarks that contravene department personnel guidelines. But, perhaps more seriously, Johnson’s former deputy has alleged the ambassador tried to intervene with British government officials at the president’s request to steer the British Open golf tournament to Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland. British officials have disputed that Johnson mentioned any sporting events in his conversations with them, and the golf tournament was not awarded to Turnberry.
Trump on Wednesday denied he ever asked Johnson to make the case for Turnberry, on Scotland’s west coast, and Johnson has dismissed all allegations of inappropriate behavior, which were first reported by The New York Times and CNN.
But Lewis Lukens, a well-respected former two-time U.S. ambassador and retired career foreign service officer who was the No. 2 at the London embassy until Johnson summarily ousted him in January 2019, said he had alerted Johnson and State Department officials in Washington to his concerns about ethics violations over the British Open intervention.
Now a London-based consultant, Lukens told The Associated Press he warned Johnson that intervening on Trump’s behalf over the venue would run afoul of federal ethics rules. But, he said, Johnson had done it anyway with no apparent pushback from the department.]

38% of blooming American morons think Trump cares about them.

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