Are you FN kidding me?

The news is out: [Nick Cannon is following through on his commitment to reflect and learn about the Jewish community after making anti-Semitic comments.
On Monday — less than a week after the rapper and actor apologized for hurtful remarks he made on his Cannon’s Class podcast — he visited the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, where he learned about the work of the human rights organization as well as ways to build bridges between the Jewish and Black communities, according to a press release.
During his time at the center, Cannon, 39, talked with senior officials of the SWC and was shown The Hitler Letter — a letter written by Adolf Hitler himself, which detailed plans for the “uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether.”
Also at the museum, Cannon learned about stories from Holocaust survivors and viewed the recreation of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal’s Vienna office. Wiesenthal, who survived a Nazi death camp, dedicated his life to documenting the crimes of the Holocaust before his death in 2005.]

Nick Cannon should read my books. If he truly wants to learn about the real Holocaust, Nick should learn about his own history. Educate yourself, find out about the MAAFA, which wasn’t made in Hollywood.

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