More bad cops

The news is out: [Three Shelton police officers were fired this week for what the Chief says was a dereliction of duty and a cover-up in a case involving a sexual assault.
Officers John Napoleone and Michael McLain were terminated for failing to properly investigate a domestic violence complaint in June of 2019, which allegedly resulted in a woman being sexually assaulted by then Bridgeport police officer, Steven Figueroa, who has a disturbing history.
“He was arrested multiple times for violation of a protective order,” said Shelton Police Chief Shawn Sequeira. “And he was arrested for domestic violence.”
Figueroa had actually been arrested four previous times for domestic violence.
On that June morning, a Shelton 911 caller said she heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs in an apartment above her, which was Figueroa‘s apartment. Napoleone and McLain responded, but the Chief says they made numerous mistakes.
First, he said, if the officers paid attention to the owner or tenant of the address they were being sent to, they would have had Figueroa’s criminal history right in front of them. Sequeira also says the officers failed to announce themselves as officers when they knocked on the door. And, they never interviewed the 911 caller.
“That is a completely false narrative,” said Barbara Resnick, the lawyer for the Shelton Police Union. “That that is not what transpired whatsoever.”
Sequeira says the officers admitted in their reports to having heard something coming from the apartment.]

There are many more where these came from.

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