Death of a slave

The news is out: [ABUJA, Nigeria—She was so young and daring, and a thorn in the side of ISIS-backed terrorists and bandits in north-central Nigeria. Her profile was rising fast and in her already extraordinary career she’d broken through the military glass ceiling. But the life of Tolulope Arotile, Nigeria’s first-ever female combat helicopter pilot, was cut short on July 14 when she died in a strange and sudden accident.
According to the Nigeria Air Force (NAF), Arotile was “inadvertently hit by the reversing vehicle of an excited former Air Force secondary school classmate while trying to greet her” inside the NAF base in the northwestern city of Kaduna.
But not many in Nigeria are convinced the death of the 24-year-old was indeed accidental, especially because her nationwide fame as a talented combat helicopter pilot, and her regular bombardment of terrorist hideouts, had made her a target of armed militants. The manner in which Arotile was said to have died—from the impact of a reversing car—raised suspicion across Nigeria that she was murdered. The country’s leading activists and politicians, including the outspoken former senator Shehu Sani, joined her family in immediately demanding an inquiry into the pilot’s death. The NAF quickly responded by announcing a preliminary investigation into the tragedy.
Arotile had just come back from an operation in north-central Nigeria, where she was deployed in the fight to rid the region of ISIS-backed militants and other criminal elements by flying combat missions. The NAF said she served as a squadron pilot in what the military named Operation Gama Aiki and flew “anti-banditry combat missions to ensure a safer, more secured Nigeria.”]

Tolulope was a slave who chose to kill her Nigerian brothers and sisters. She devoted her life, not to Nigeria, but to her massas. She drank their Kool-Aid.

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