Jesus was homeless

The news is out: [For years, the parish of St. Mark Catholic Church in Venice has tried to help the homeless youths at Safe Place for Youth, a drop-in center where parishioners served meals and performed other volunteer work. The center and the parish hall are neighbors on a gritty stretch of Lincoln Boulevard, just around a corner from the church and its elementary school.
Yet, when it comes to the most profoundly important way the church could help homeless people — by getting them into housing — it is instead doing everything in its power to fight Lincoln Apartments, a project that would do just that. St. Mark has enlisted parishioners, school parents and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in a campaign that, at the very least, has slowed the progress of the proposed 40-unit housing development for homeless youth and adults.
Acting on behalf of St. Mark, the archdiocese has appealed the L.A. Planning Commission’s decision to approve Lincoln Apartments, which would be built on the site of Safe Place for Youth and an auto repair shop on Lincoln Boulevard. A new drop-in center would sit on the ground floor of the building, which would house about 60 residents — half of them in their late teens and early 20s, half of them chronically homeless adults. A resident who lives in the neighborhood is also challenging the Planning Commission’s ruling. The L.A. City Council should reject them both and let this project go ahead.]

St. Mark Catholic Church is the kind of places which didn’t have a place for Mary and Joseph. The church cares about donations only. If you can bring money, then the church will be on your side. Maybe.

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