I was right again

The news is out: [By nearly any measure, Congress is a toxic mess seemingly incapable of rising to the occasion even at a time of existential threats. No one knows that better than those who, until recently, served there.
“Congress has largely become a dysfunctional institution unable to meet the critical needs of our country,” said a new report, “Congress at a Crossroads,” produced by the Association of Former Members of Congress. Scheduled to be issued publicly next week, it is a damning indictment of the steady deterioration of a congressional culture that today rewards power over progress and conflict over consensus.
And it warns that, while recent moves to allow Congress to function safely during the pandemic may be necessary, they could make things worse.
Based on 40 hours of interviews with 30 House members and a senator who left Congress after the 2018 elections after serving a combined 275 years, the report offers some hope, asserting that most lawmakers arrive on Washington yearning to be constructive.
But overall, it paints a grim portrait of an institution that has ceased to work as it should. A course correction may be more critical now than ever before, the report said, as the nation faces “outsize challenges” that place congressional shortcomings in stark relief.]

All three branches of the US government are rotten to the core, on the auction block and willing to break the law. Another nod for my book “Dysfunctional humans” in which I covered the toxic state of US affairs.

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