Someone got it

The news is out: [A group of Portland, Oregon, protesters is suing the Trump administration, alleging that the actions of federal agents in the city violated their constitutional rights, went beyond legal authority and were directed by someone not formally confirmed in their role.
The nonprofit Protect Democracy filed the federal lawsuit in Washington, D.C., on behalf of individual protesters and the groups Don’t Shoot Portland and Wall of Moms.
In the lawsuit, the protesters say federal agents have unlawfully sought to “quell” the protests in Portland by firing tear gas, bean bags, pepper spray, rubber bullets, flash grenades and other less lethal munitions on peaceful protesters.
The agents’ mission has gone beyond their legal authority to protect federal property, the lawsuit alleges, saying they have engaged in unlawful arrests, used excessive force and restricted free speech.
The lawsuit also seeks that the court rule that orders by Chad Wolf, acting secretary of Homeland Security, are void because he is “not legally serving in this role” as an unconfirmed acting secretary.
“The intent of the administration’s deployment of federal agents in Portland appears to be to stifle speech the president doesn’t like. It’s important to check this unlawful administration policy now, before it is allowed to spread to other cities across the U.S.,” Deana El-Mallawany, an attorney for Protect Democracy, said in a statement.]

Finally, someone got the message. Sue the bastards.

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