The news is out: [Dion Boyd, a 29-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, took his own life this week only 13 days after being promoted to deputy chief of criminal networks.
Boyd’s body was found July 28 at the Chicago Police Department’s Homan Square Detention Center, a detention block where claims of abuse have festered for years, according to CBS Chicago. The site has been the subject of journalistic investigations, federal lawsuits and, more recently, protests.
The Chicago-Sun Times reported Boyd shot himself. According to WGN’s sources, Boyd killed himself Monday night, July 27, and his secretary found him at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.
Within hours dozens of members of law enforcement created at motorcade procession to take the 57-year-old’s body to the medical examiner’s office.]

Cops take their own lives sometimes… many times.

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