The sheriff’s daughter

The news is out: [When George Floyd was killed in police custody on May 25, Gabrielle Pettway felt compelled to speak out against police brutality. The 23-year-old from Alabama, like many outraged social media users, decided to voice her concerns on TikTok — so she made a video explaining why she believes that ‘Blue Lives Matter’ rhetoric is damaging. (‘Blue Lives Matter’ is a countermovement to Black Lives Matter, centering police as victims rather than Black people).
The since-deleted clip resurfaced on Facebook this week and is receiving viral attention, as Pettway’s father, Mark Pettway, is the Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama.
In the video, Pettway said that despite her affiliation with law enforcement and her understanding of the dangers of the job, she took issue with the deluge of ‘Blue Lives Matter’ messaging following Floyd’s death.
“My dad is the sheriff of the largest county in the state of Alabama. It’s scary at times — we’ve gotten death threats before — but I’m still not gonna sit up here and say ‘Blue Lives Matter,'” she explained. “Because it’s undermining the racism and corruption built into the whole blue system.“]

She is validating what I write about corruption in policing.

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