Unconstitutional request

The news is out: [Protesters detained by the police in Portland are being told they can only get out of jail if they promise to stop going to rallies, according to two reports on Wednesday and Thursday.
Anti-racism and police-brutality protests that had rumbled on in the city since the killing of George Floyd in late May reached a fever pitched two weeks ago, with security forces sent by the federal government descending on the city and clashing with demonstrators.
Close to 100 protesters have been arrested on various charges since July 4, acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Chad Wolf told CNN on Wednesday.
Many of those detained were only allowed to leave if they agreed not to attend any future protests in either Portland and/or Oregon state as a whole, according to release documents seen by CNN and ProPublica.
If they break the condition they be sent back to jail.
At least 12 protesters arrested in July were spared further jail time on the condition that they would not attend future protests, ProPublica reported.]
One condition of release document for a detained protester, published by ProPublica, stipulated : “Defendant may not attend any other protests, rallies, assemblies or public gathering in the state of Oregon.
CNN also found at least nine people who were arrested between July 23 and July 27, for either failing to obey a lawful order or assaulting a federal officer, were released if they promised not to rally again.]

I have officially seen everything. Give up your Constitutional rights over a promise to accept tyranny and racism. Every cop took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution.

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