He doesn’t give a damn

The news is out: [An evangelical pastor has resigned from his position at the helm of a California megachurch, more than eight months after its board first learned he failed to prevent his pedophile son from volunteering with children.
The elder board at Menlo Church, a multi-campus congregation headquartered in an affluent Bay Area neighborhood, announced Pastor John Ortberg’s resignation on Wednesday with a “heavy heart.” It will go into effect on Sunday, after Ortberg gives a final address to the church he has pastored since 2004.
Ortberg acknowledged Wednesday that for the church to flourish, he had to leave.
“I want to express again my regret for not having served our church with better judgment,” Ortberg said in a statement on church’s website. “I did not balance my responsibilities as a father with my responsibilities as a leader.”
He added, “I am hopeful that my leaving can mark a new beginning in our church’s ministry, and will also appreciate your prayers for our family.”
The whistleblower who informed church officials of the situation was Daniel Lavery, Ortberg’s other son. Lavery’s wife said Wednesday that the pastor’s resignation brings the couple no pleasure.
“More than anything, we wish it had not come to this point. We grieve that John’s departure became necessary to ensure real safeguarding,” Grace Lavery wrote in a tweet.]

These thieves and crooks care only about the money. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

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