Another great day

The news is out: [Donald Trump prompted a familiar barrage of criticism on Saturday by visiting one of his own golf clubs as the country remains caught in numerous intensifying crises from the raging coronavirus epidemic to anti-racism protests to the failure to extend benefits to tens of millions of jobless Americans.
Trump arrived at his Virginia golf club in the morning, according to a report from the White House pool, after leaving Washington via motorcade and dressed in his usual golfing attire of a baseball cap and a polo shirt.
CNN, which tallies Trump trips to his golf clubs, reported that the visit was Trump’s 283th trip to a golf course while in office and his 376th day at a Trump property.
Trump’s latest visit comes as the death toll in the US from the coronavirus tops 153,314 with more than 4.5 million positive cases – by far the largest totals in the world. It also happens as Washington fails to agree on an extension to a vital $600 dollar payment to jobless Americans – who will now lose that benefit.]

I am very happy when Trump visits a golf course; anything to keep him from screwing something else. The sun will rise tomorrow as 38% of Americans think Trump is right.

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