BS we accept freely

“It was never my intention to hurt or offend anyone.”

“If anyone wanted a prime example of use of excessive force by a police officer, this incident is one,”

Department of Homeland Security agents and U.S. Marshals are detaining or arresting people without identifying themselves and without probable cause, a warrant or any explanation.

If the elections were held today, so and so would be the winner. (Well, if the queen had balls, she would be the king.)

My colleagues on both sides of the aisle

I apologize for any misunderstanding”

You know, it takes two to argue”.

“The Sheriff’s Department takes allegations of illegal activity by its employees very seriously,” the statement said. “We hold all our deputies to the highest standards and will hold deputies who violate the law accountable.”

“Your call is very important to us.” Of course, after being on hold for 10, 20, even 30 minutes waiting to speak to someone, having heard that message 10 or 15 times, you can’t help but think that your call is obviously not important enough to answer.

The company is currently experiencing unusually high call volume.

“Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset”

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