Another racist church

The news is out: [A New Jersey pastor asked a lector to stop wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt to Mass, according to a letter posted online in which the pastor said it could “distract listeners” during church services.
Rev. Brian Needles of Our Lady of Sorrow Church in South Orange, New Jersey, wrote a letter to lector Tom Morris about wearing the shirt during mass, according to local news outlet The Village Green.
Morris then shared the letter with a local community group called SOMA Black Parents Workshop and the organization posted it on their Facebook page.
According to the letter, Needles said he had heard complaints from “several people” about the shirt. He asked Morris to not wear a “t-shirt with an overtly political slogan” and said he prefers lectors to wear collared shirts during Mass.
“Nobody in their right mind would disagrees [sic] with the idea that the lives of Black people matter and are deserving of all respect and dignity and legal protection,” Needles said in the letter. “Many people, though, have concerns with the organization called Black Lives Matter, which is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that has an agenda that is very controversial, to say the least.”
The pastor said that while Morris is “entitled to his beliefs,” a shirt “can be a real source of division and distraction.”
“When the Word of God is proclaimed, nothing, including a slogan on a shirt, should distract listeners from the fruitful hearing of the Scriptures,” the letter said. “While you are obviously entitled to your beliefs and have every right to express them, I’m hopeful that you’ll consider the idea that a t-shirt, incredibly enough, can be a real source of division and distraction.”]

The pastor doesn’t want to see a BLM shirt in church, while telling his flock to vote for Trump. Racism is like a dead skunk rotting near the cesspool of a pulpwood mill, at high noon. The foul smell cannot be ignored.

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