Letitia and the NRA

The news is out: [(Bloomberg) — Wayne LaPierre used National Rifle Association funds for private jets to take his family members all over the U.S., including eight Bahamas vacations and at least one trip to provide a babysitter for his niece’s child during a Las Vegas convention.
Those are just a few of the allegedly improper expenses New York Attorney General Letitia James detailed in a sprawling lawsuit Thursday that portrayed the NRA as a corrupt nonprofit operated for years as a piggy bank for top officials.
The suit claims LaPierre and current and former NRA executives used millions of dollars donated to the gun-rights group by supporters to finance luxury lifestyles and enrich friends and family. Their actions caused losses of more than $64 million in the last three years alone, James said.]

While I love Letitia James, I don’t think it’s fair of her to disband ONLY the church of Wayne. Like I stated in my books, the NRA operates much like a church. Wayne LaPierre (what the F were his parents thinking when they picked the name?) is the pope, and suckers bring him tax free money that he uses to finance his lifestyle. NRA members are as stupid as religious believers; they believe Wayne will protect their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and, Christians believe pastors will lead them into heaven to meet Jesus.

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