This one is a doozy

The news is out: [He was the one with impaired judgment.
A Maryland State Trooper admitted that he completely made up six DUI arrests in a 2-year span, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh announced Wednesday.
Cpl. John Sollon, 36, pleaded guilty to perjury and misconduct charges.
“In each case, no actual traffic stop was conducted, no individual was arrested, and the individual purportedly stopped did not exist,” Frosh wrote in a press release.
Sollon, who was part of an “elite” DUI-stopping task force, faked the arrests between January 2018 and December 2019, according to the release.
None of the six “defendants” made their court date, because they did not exist. Arrest warrants were issued for four of them, and other cops tracked down three of the fake addresses Sollon had listed, “in futile efforts to serve warrants.”
Fellow troopers reported Sollon’s fake arrests.
Sollon was given a six-year suspended prison sentence, three years of probation, a $6,000 fine and 300 hours of community service.]

He is not alone. That’s what they do.

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