Kemp, Georgia’s moron

The news is out: [At least 260 students and eight teachers from a suburban school district in Atlanta, Georgia, were quarantined after multiple students and teachers tested positive for Covid-19 during the first week of school.
In statements posted on its website, the Cherokee County School District reported positive cases in at least 11 students and two staff members. Students and staff who had possible exposure with a positive case have been told to quarantine for two weeks. The students were from the county’s elementary, middle and high schools.
Quarantined students will receive online instruction while they stay home, the district said.
The district returned to in-person learning on Monday, August 3. The district’s superintendent, Dr. Brian V. Hightower, sent a letter Friday to the school community regarding the issue.
“We have students and staff reporting presumptive, pending and positive COVID-19 tests every day, and this will continue as we operate schools during a pandemic,” he said. “We are working with the Department of Public Health to confirm, contact trace, quarantine and then notify the school community.”]

The students can learn from home only after they have been infected. Now, that’s stupid. Students who become infected should sue the F out of the governor and school officials who used them as pawns. It is what it is: attempted murder for political stupidity.

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